How to watch Bathurst 1000 online: TV guide

Looking where to catch Bathurst 1000 live broadcast? We must say your timing is terrific. Here, we are telling you where to catch “The Great Race” live and at the convenience of wherever you may be. You can expect millions and millions of fanatics to be looking for a way to tune in and be part of the maddest and the most unforgiving race of our times.

Now the time is upon us, and we are sure you would give anything to get free-to-air coverage as well as stream it on all your devices. We are just about to let the secret out, so keep reading. 

Bathurst 1000 tv guide

How To Stream And Watch The Bathurst 1000 Live And Across Devices

Bathurst 1000 will be available on free-to-air TV on channel Ten, but the coverage is not so comprehensive. If you need to get the action in a better and wild manner, Foxtel, Kayo Sports, and Fox Sports are the places for you. The action here starts from Monday, 7th October, and it goes all the way to the final race on Sunday. 

You are looking forward to exclusive programming covering everything from practice, qualification, and the main event. The support you get here makes sure you are not missing any second of the race, and you better be ready to sit on the edge of your seat for the entire final race. 

So, whatever segment of the race you are interested in, be sure to get the best and exclusive camera angles, Unrivaled graphics, and the option to watch online if you so please.

For those living in Australia or visiting when the events go down, you can take advantage of the 14 days free window on Kayo Sports. The package gives you unconditional coverage, both live and free, for all devices, including mobile devices. 

Additionally, Kayo minis will be offering an on-demand feature so you can catch up with events you may have missed. 

Where to watch: Kayo Sports vs Foxtel vs Channel 10’s Free-to-Air

Fox Sports, Kayo Sports, and Foxtel will be covering every race of the V8 Supercars. If V8 is the event for you, then you got your needs covered. The coverage will be with zero ad interruptions, and you can as well choose to get HD quality. On its part, Channel 10 will only be broadcasting only 7 of all the events live. The rest of the events will come as highlights on Monday after the finals. 

Again, Kayo Sports will be taking the watching/streaming experience to a higher level. The Heli-Cam Channel will be bringing you every of the Mount Panorama event, and it can never get better than that. The Race Center channel is your go-to hub if you are interested in leaderboards, stats, and any other data to keep you in the know. 

Wrap up

It is now game on as you know where to watch Bathurst 1000 live broadcastMaybe you are spoiled for choice, but you can be sure that you will not miss any part or angle of the race wherever you will be. 

Is a Formula 1 car faster than an IndyCar?

Whenever you go to any race, you’re always looking out for speeding cars and how much time they take to finish the lap. Hearing the engine roaring and tires screeching gives someone the experience of what it feels to be at a motor race.

That being said, it means that the speed of an IndyCar matters a lot in determining the specific facts about “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

There are many other races, such as Formula 1, and we wonder whether their cars are as fast as those found in the IndyCar series.

Here, we are going to talk about which type of car between Formula 1 and IndyCar, races fast, and also posts the highest speed.

Fernando Alonso Story

When Fernando Alonso, a 2-time Formula 1 winner, stated that he was retiring from the race to concentrate on the Indy 500, it didn’t come as a surprise.

We bet he might have figured out that IndyCar series are way faster than Formula 1 cars. 

However, that’s not the case. Alonso decided to try out the Indy 500 to try and win the title of Triple Crown.

Comparison of Formula 1 and IndyCar Series

IndyCar is the fastest when it comes to topping overall speed than Formula 1. However, an IndyCar accelerates slightly lower than Formula 1.

For instance, on a straight track, a Formula 1 car can take approximately 2.1 seconds to hit 90kmh, while an IndyCar can take 3 seconds.

Therefore, we can conclude that IndyCar is faster when compared to the speeds they can achieve, but when it comes to the rate of acceleration, then Formula 1 takes this mantle.


The fact that a Formula 1 car can reach a certain speed within the shortest time means that it beat an IndyCar on a short track. But for quite some distance, then we would say that an IndyCar can take on the Formula 1 Car. What do you think? Watch Indy 500 live access, and decide for yourself.

Who is broadcasting the PGA Championship?

Do you love golf sport what is your favorite golf tournament? Do you know about the PGA championship? For PGA championship lover, know that for this year it will take place between the 14th and 17th of May and it will be hosted at Harding Park, San Francisco for the first time.

Who is broadcasting the PGA Championship

Many fans will be on the lookout for this major golf tournament that usually features top golfers. For sure, it is a must-watch tournament for any golf fan. However, not all fans have an idea of how or where to watch the tournament. It is our expectation that is not among them. But if it is, then you have landed on the right material.

In this piece of information, you will learn who will be bringing this championship live to those who will choose to watch at home.

Ok, let us dive into it.

CBS sports

Among the guaranteed broadcasters, CBS sports has acquired the rights to bring this coming tournament to your TV. The channel is accessible on many satellite or cable TV platforms.

They are also available online. For instance, you can use the service of any online TV and pay for a package that has the CBS Sports channel. Some of reliable TV that comes with the channel in its packages include the DirecTV, Hulu, and Sling Tv. 

Also, there exist apps that can be downloaded from the play store and installed on your android phone.


Replacing the TNT, ESPN is another supplement channel in America that will also broadcast the US PGA championship. They have acquired more than 20 hours of air time and this will include the final two rounds of the championship.

Sky sports

If you are in the UK, Sky Sports will offer the PGA Championship live broadcast. It has acquired the rights and will bring the highlights, round-ups and the live coverage to you.

What is the best F1 app?

The F1 season is around the corner, and for motorsport fans and addicts, missing the action is not an option. For those who will not make it to the event, the best other option is to watch F1 live stream via the various platforms and apps that provide live streaming of the event.

What is the best F1 app?

There are various apps that offer live streaming of the event, and they will update you on the latest news on F1, and you have to choose the best app for you.

  • F1 TV

This is a great application to catch all the action of F1. This app allows you to view all the F1 Grand Prix at high quality as it contains internal servers that will allow you to view the race at a reliable signal. This app also allows you to make the customization on the quality of the image.

  • Formula 1

For all Fi fans, this is an application that you must have as it streams real-time data directly from F1 Management’s Technical Centre. Some of its features include live timing, where it will give you the driver name position, number, lap time, and much other necessary information that you may need.

  • ESPNF1

This app will bring you the F1 both in French and in English, and it also provides you with features, commentary, detailed information, and news during races. It has features such as a countdown clock, details of the circuit, and updates on the races.

  • Sky Sports

Sky Spot app will allow you to catch the live broadcast of F1 easily, and you will need to make daily payment to have access to the content. This is an app that is specialized and devoted completely to F1 car racing. This app has clear functionality and a nice interface that will let you enjoy the live stream to the fullest.

10 wild, outlandish predictions for professional golf

It is always interesting when you see wild predictions come true. Scratch that, the excitement that we derive when one of our wild guesses or predictions becomes a reality is unmatched. You tend to go wilder than even the prediction you made.

There is always the chance that people would enjoy a good laugh at your expense if the prediction goes horribly wrong. In fact, many people will be waiting for your predictions to fail and it is understandable.

Despite all of these, we are going ahead to make some of the most outlandish predictions you will ever come across in the world of golf.

1.Jordan Spieth will retire and focus on something else.

It has been four years since Jordan Spieth recorded the last of his three major victories (the 2017 Open Championship). We believe Spieth will drop the quest for the career grand slam and venture into something else.

2. Tiger Woods will win two of the majors

He won the Masters last year and we’re predicting he will go even one better this time around.

3. Rory Mcllroy will run for office in 2020

This is another golfer that will go down the retirement lane but this time, he will run for office.

4. Sergio Garcia will win the Ryder’s Cup.

We are almost sure of this.

5. Shane Lowry is going to beat Tommy Fleetwood to his second Open Championship by six strokes – again.

6. The Winner of the BMW Championship will also win The Northern Trust

7. Brooks Kopeka will stay number one throughout the year.

8. One golfer will be involved in a huge controversy and our money is on Justin Rose.

 9. An amateur player will finish top 3 in one of the majors

 10. The US Team will lose the Presidents Cup in 2020 – ending a run of 8 consecutive wins by the US Team.

You can watch Masters Online see which one of our predictions come true.

How to Broadcast 6 Nations Rugby

The Six Nation tournament is one of the most significant sports events of rugby. People want to watch it live in their homes on their TV. In it, six powerful teams compete with each other and fight for the trophy. Many TV channels are set to undertake the 6 Nations Rugby live broadcast of matches of Six Nations rugby. Rugby lovers can watch every match in their homes if they can’t afford the tickets.

Broadcast 6 Nations Rugby

Watching the match in the comfort of your place with chips and beer in hand is such a luxury. So many channels have the privilege to live broadcast the matches so that you can enjoy every match from anywhere in the world.

NBC Sports

The NBC sports have the right to be engaged in 6 Nations Rugby live broadcast of matches for its fans. You can watch all the games from anywhere in America on your TV. If you have a cable TV, then you can enjoy the matches on NBC Sports Network. Another good news is for you that you can watch this channel without having a two-year contract on cable TV. It can be seen through a live TV streaming service.

BBC Sports

BBC allows you to watch all the matches of Six Nations as well as BBC iPlayer and BBC News are also on the list because these channels are broadcasted on TV. You have to sign in to your BBC account so that you watch the matches live. Moreover, it allows you to take benefit from on-demand television and to stream on the BBC website.

France 2 (FR2)

The France Televisions group owned by the state has a channel named France 2. It broadcasts not only local productions but also foreign productions, including the Six Nations. It will also broadcast the tournament of 2020.

Many French streaming services don’t allow you to enjoy the channels if you are not present in France, including France 2.


The Six Nations rugby is broadcasted on S4C. The most significant feature of this channel is that sports broadcasts are presented with English commentary. It shows the matches of Wales explicitly. It is available in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. If you are a rugby lover and belong to any of these areas, you can find S4C on Freesat 120, Sky 134, and Virgin TV 166 to be amused by the Six Nations championship.


DMAX is a British channel and entertains its Italian viewers by showing every moment of Six Nations Rugby live broadcast. Since 7th January, it has become a free-to-air channel so you can watch DMAX live now.

Virgin Media One

The last but not least channel in our list is Virgin Media. It broadcasts this excellent tournament to the excitement of her teaming viewers. You can use the online TV service Virgin TV go (old name is Virgin TV anywhere) to take it with you where you want. If you are going to watch the Six Nations’ matches, then it is the best.

Who is the Hardest Puncher in Boxing Today?

Being the hardest puncher gives you the power to overcome the scorecards since you can knock out your opponent, and get yourself the ultimate win.

That’s why most boxers train hard, day and night, to improve their precision, speed, and power of their blows. A boxer can be losing on the scorecards, but if one is a heavy puncher, before the last round, he can give his all to knock out his opponent.

Who is the Hardest Puncher in Boxing Today

These are the likes of the recent boxers like Deontay Wilder who defended his title against Luiz Ortiz, Antony Joshua who won the rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr to regain his lost titles, and Tyson Fury who recently won against Otto Wallin.

Who are the hardest punchers today?

There are so many boxers who are hard punchers, but we could certainly think that as of today, the current WBC champion of the world, Deontay Wilder is the hardest puncher of this generation.

Wilder even compared himself to the Mike “Iron” Tyson who was one of the hardest ever punchers to grace the boxing game. Mike Tyson was a lethal puncher who even today when watching the highlights of his fight, you can feel the agility and speed of his knock out blows.

With that said, we have come up with a list of boxers who we think are the hardest punchers in boxing history. We will put the list from the top to the lowest hard punchers. Check it out!

Ranking of the hardest punchers today

  1. Antony Joshua – Heavyweight
  2. Deontay Wilder – Heavyweight
  3. Gennady Golovkin – Middleweight
  4. Arthur Beterbiev – Light Heavyweight
  5. Sergey Kovalev – Light Heavyweight
  6. Lucas Matthysse – Welterweight
  7. Adonis Stevenson – Light Heavyweight
  8. David Lemieux – Middleweight
  9. Hugo Ruiz – Bantamweight
  10. Jhonny Gonzalez – Featherweight


Who do you think is the hardest puncher today? Antony Joshua won with a unanimous decision against Andy Ruiz Jr during their rematch.

On Feb 2020, you’ll have another chance to watch Wilder boxing live stream where the WBC heavyweight title will be given to the ultimate champion for Wilder vs. Fury 2.

How to stream Fight online

If you want to stream the Wilder vs Fury 2 online, you have several options in doing so. If you have a VPN you can stream Wilder vs Fury 2 online by using the FOX app from the FOX Sports site. This supports every country throughout the world.

How to stream Fight online

If you are outside the United States and have a VPN, you cannot watch the fight traditionally, however, with a VPN, you can change that. There is a way that you can alter your location with a VPN. Therefore, you can change your address to the U.S. and be able to successfully watch the rematch via VPN.

Social media platforms are a great way to catch the rematch and stream it online as well. The top social media platform for watching live streaming events is Facebook. There are over a billion users and many of them will have the fight on their personal Facebook page. What a great way to watch the rematch for free.

Another social media platform to watch the Wilder vs Fury rematch live is Twitter. This is one of the biggest microblogging sites. Twitter has a lot of users from all over the world as well. There is a great chance that you can catch a live feed of this bout on Twitter.

Reddit is another alternative for watching the Wilder vs Fury rematch as well. There are communities on Reddit that you can chat with other fans. There you can discuss ways to watch the rematch and there may be users who are streaming it live online. If you cannot find any way to view the rematch, you can try Showtime Anytime. Fights can be streamed with Showtime at any time. If you can download the app to your computer or mobile device. The streaming platform is free for those who are subscribers. There is a $10.99 per month fee if you are not a subscriber. Plus, there is a free trial period too.

Watch the NFR Performance Live stream from Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas will soon experience a boom, and it zooms into her most busy period of the year. The NFR championship is almost in town, and the city will soon vibrate in the cowboy style. If you are in Las Vegas and you are planning to watch the NFR via your mobile devices, then we will guide you on how to achieve it with ease. Let’s tour and explore the world of NFR Live streaming together to see how you can watch and enjoy the wrangler NFR games on the go right from the confines of your office, school, hangouts, or Car.

NFR Performance Live stream from Las Vegas

Plans are in top gear by the professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) to organize the 2019 NFR games. From the 5th of December to the 14th of December, all Rodeo Fans will be glued to the screen of their mobile devices to watch the NFR games in real-time. The NFR performances are usually done between 7 pm and 10 pm daily at the Thomas & Mack event center in Las Vegas.

The NFR is the concluding championship of the Rodeo games. All the professional rodeo players take part in rodeo games within the year, and the best players are selected to participate in the final championship for the ultimate prize.

  • The CBS sports network is the official broadcaster of the NFR games.
  • Everyone within the United States can enjoy the NFR performance Live stream without a cable connection.
  • A plethora of people without the TV cable will be perturbed on how they could watch the NFR games on Livestream without TV cable. Meanwhile, Livestreaming is more flexing, and you can choose to save the videos to watch at your convenience.

Yes, you should not worry if you don’t have cable TV. You can experience Livestream of the NFR games by making use of television Apps, which are synchronized with the CBS Sports network.

  • You should consider some of the Apps to watch the NFR games through Livestream. Go ahead and sign up and download one of the CBS sports network-compatible Apps such as YouTube, TV Hulu, PlayStation Vue, SlingTV, DirecTV Now, etc. The ProRodeo TV has the most extensive view and will offer unadulterated delivery of the CBS games.
  • The ProRodeoTV is an excellent option for catching live glimpses of the 2019 NFR games.

It is not only the best NFR live streaming channel, but it is also the cheapest. ProRodeoTV will attract a daily cost of $7, and with just $70, you can watch the NFR games as they are broadcasted for ten days.

Watch Denver Broncos live stream online free

Want to watch the Denver Broncos live stream online for free? Join the club! Don’t fret, we have the answers you have been looking for. Denver Broncos live streams are easy to find and also the free ones are always available to watch. You won’t be out on any of this season’s action and you’ll not spend a dime in the process. Here are ways to watch Denver Broncos live stream online free.

Broncos live stream online free

There are several ways to watch the Broncos online streaming for free. The first streaming service that is free actually comes on your mobile devices. That’s right, your phone can stream every NFL game this season by downloading the NFL Network app, the Yahoo! Sports app, and the go90 app. These are free too. There are no specific carriers preferred. Every phone carrier has access to this option. Best of all, it’s free! All that is required of you, is to make sure you have enough data to stream the games you watch on your devices.

The opening game between the Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals can be streamed for free as well. Watching these NFL live feeds is completely free and on NFL Live streams website. You can watch any of the NFL games live online for free as well. They come in HD quality too. This site wants everyone who is a fan to be able to enjoy the games for free online or from any of your mobile devices too. You can even watch the preseason games, playoffs, and Superbowl on this site. This is 100% legal and this site complies with all the laws, rules, and regulations of the NFL and other affiliates. Some live streams may be tempting, however, if it is unofficial, then it’s illegal and you could get in trouble for streaming the games or worse, your computer or device could be hacked or get a virus on it.

What are the streaming services to watch Detroit Lions game online

There are several streaming services to watch the Detroit Lions games online. Watching the Detroit Lions games are exciting for fans to watch. In this article, we will list some of the best streaming services to watch Detroit Lions games with.

streaming services to watch Detroit Lions game online

Sling TV is one of the best ways to watch Detroit Lions games online. Sling TV is 100% legal and registered. It is a way of streaming almost every sports channel imaginable. Just flip to the channel on your smartphone, Apple TV, Roku, computer, or another device and you can watch what is on. As long as you are a subscriber to Sling TV. The basic package is $20 per month and you will have access to ESPN 1 &2, FOX Sports, RedZone, and more. There is a 7-day free trial offer.

Fubo TV is another way to watch Lions games this season. NFL broadcasting rights are complicated, but Fubo TV has secured them and allows you to stream the games and RedZone live on mobile devices in most areas. They offer a free 7-day trial as well. Fubo TV is actually the second-best choice for you to watch the Lions play this year.

You can also watch the Detroit Lions with a digital antenna. You can watch every single Lions game with the OTA antenna. This is much less expensive, and the pictures are in high-definition and they have an increased range. If you use the Air TV to broadcast the antenna signal to your TVs in your home and are a Sling TV subscriber, you can have local channels too. This way you’ll never miss a game. If you have a mobile phone, you’ll be able to watch the Lions play too. Verizon is no longer the only mobile carrier for the NFL. This means customers with any carrier can watch NFL games through the official NFL Mobile app, Yahoo Sports app, and go90 app.

What TV Channels are The Ashes on TV?

Starting from 01 August, many cricket fans will be looking to the 2019 Ashes test series. It is expected to be a historic season for this year, and as a cricket enthusiast, this is the tournament that you should not miss.

The good news is that it is not a must for you to visit the five different venues in order to watch. There are TV channels that have sacrificed to bring you every part of the tournament.

Ashes tv channels

Here are some of the channels.


For those cricket fans from the UK, the sky Network will bring the tournament at your comfort. So, if you are in the UK, you can access and follow all activities of the tournament by tuning to Sky Sports TV. Moreover, you can still watch the tournament on your android device using the Sky Go Android app that can be downloaded from the Play store.


For us brothers and sisters, who still want to follow all the activities of this year’s test series, the Willow TV is the channel. Willow TV will broadcast all the test matches across the US.

Fox Sports to broadcast live coverage of Ashes Series 2019 all matches in Australia. This time Channel 7 will also cover the series for Australian fans.


For Australian Fans, you two options. You can either watch on Fox Sports or channel 7. However, to have the assurance of all the test matches with no delay just choose the Fox Sports.

Last Note

It is now clear that you can access and follow all the activities of the 2019 Ashes test series. Regardless of whether you are in the US, Australia or the UK, there is the Ashes live TV coverage for you.

What is the cut at the BMW Championship

When you are about to watch BMW Championship online, you may be thinking about what the cut is at this event. We have some information about this, and the PGA tour rules.

The standard cut rule that is used in the PGA tournaments is this: the field is cut after 36 holes to the low 70 scores plus ties. However, the BMW championship only has 70 golfers in the tournament period.

BMW Championship the cut

PGA Tour events are 72-hole tournaments, with 18 played per day. If there is a delay because of bad weather, the 35-hole cut takes place following completion of the second round. Since the tournaments are scheduled to start on Thursdays, this means that the cut rule is enforced following the end of play on Friday at the PGA tour tournaments.

The first cut goes to the 70 golfers who have the lowest scores, plus any that are tied for 70th place. The third round only occurs in a few tournaments each year. There are a few exceptions on the tour to the cut rule.

This rule applies to the regular PGA tour tournaments. If the events are majors, they have their own cut rules. The BMW championship does not have any cut rules. They do not have any cuts actually. The BMW championship begins with 70 golfers and they all remain on the course the entire event.

The cut in the BMW championship is unnecessary. Therefore, no cuts are made.

The cut rule was changed in 2016 and has been in place since then. In 2008, there was a rule that was introduced, and it was called “rule 78.” Then was then changed in 2016, because some people were not pleased with it. It was changed a month after it was put into play. The PGA tour board voted to have it changed and the cut rule they have in place today is what exists today.

British Open Live Stream online without cable

Watching the British Open live and without cable is actually very easy. Both NBC and the Golf Channel are broadcasting the event live as it happens. They will have this tournament streaming on their sites online. There are several online streaming services that are offering the event though. This is good for you because you do not need a cable subscription.

British Open online without cable

You do not need cable to watch the British Open online. If you go to the NBC website, you will be limited to access depending on where you are located. The Golf Channel is available nationwide. If you want to watch British Open live stream, there are a few good options for you.

You can watch the British Open on fuboTV. This is a live streaming service that offers a 7-day free trial. This is a sports-based streaming service that gives you over 80 channels. Thirty of the channels are sports channels. NBC is offered in limited areas though. It all depends on your location.  The Golf Channel is one of many sports channels that is available. Fubo TV is $45 per month, and the second month is $55 and after. You receive live channels and an on-demand library is available. A cloud-based DVR is available to you as well. You can stream the event online with your mobile devices, computers, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more. Hulu with Live TV is another service that offers a 7-day free trial and features over 60 channels and the Hulu on-demand library costs $45 per month. The package is popular because Hulu users can add live TV to their plan.  NBC is available in most areas across the country. The Golf Channel is available nationwide. You will have a ton of great channels and the option to add premium movie channels also.

Car race training for beginner

Viewing on the 24 hours of Le Mans live TV may make you think about how these racers became great drivers and racers in general. There are some essential rules to the road and track you must know, and we advise not to simply go out to a track and try to race. It will not be one of your finer moments.

Car race training for beginner le mans

There are many resources out there that can show you how to go fast, however, when you are driving a race car, there’s more to it than just going fast. First, you need to have a technique for your driving. Without technique, you will not do very well when racing.

Drivers simply don’t just get technique out of nowhere. The technique is something you develop over your training and career. However, you do not want to develop a technique that you cannot change and have bad habits with your technique.

Breaking bad habits is hard to do when you are driving. There are retired drivers and racing schools that can assist you in building and changing your technique for the best. Some drivers try to learn techniques alone, but sometimes, we all need instruction on these things.

You must learn the basics before you want to drive fast. Some drivers just want to skip basics, and that’s why they are not successful in driving. Some tips for race car driving are: work on driving well first. Learning how to make your race care do the work properly is the only way it will go fast.

Focus on the driving line. Cars in a race will all drive on the same part of the track and in a single file line. There is generally one fast driving line around the track. Some schools teach driving the best way is track markings.

There are many things that go into car race training. Once you get them down, you’ll be better at driving and able to drive in a race.

Top 5 best golf training aid for beginners

Learning golf can be quite a hard task. Knowing what club to use at which point in the course is more confusing than most people think. Walking down the golf aisle in the mall will have you making even the worst decisions when picking literature and manuals for golfing. To learn from the pros, you can watch US Open Golf live online and see how the pros do it. We recommend the following which will hold your hand through the process and teach you the best of everything.

Top 5 best golf training aid for beginners

1. SKLZ Gold Flex

This bestseller is basically a golfing club with a ball attached at its end. The club has a 2.5 pound attached to the end, which is about the weight of a golf ball and is used to learn how o swing, work out, practice and warm up before a golfing play.

2. SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer.

This is an exclusive club meant to help you perfect your swing and make your grip firmer. This club is only available for right-handed golfers and makes use of adjustable weight to give the feel of a whole range of golf clubs.

3. The Impact Bag by Dr. Gary Wiren

A major golfing problem has for years been a breakdown of the left wrist and a collapse of the leading arm at the point and moment impact. The impact bag seeks to solve this. Unlike other training aids we use to develop a stable wrist and a strong impact, the Impact Bag has been specifically designed for this. It also comes with a special slice cure supplement that is sure to cure your slice and help you develop consistent and powerful impacts.

4. The Acu-Strike Training Mat.

This mat is designed with a special fiber fabric that leaves a dark spot/mark where the ball and club intersect when the head of the club strikes the mat. It then shows your hits in relation to the placement of the ball and the golfer can then work around at correcting his strikes to ensure more accurate strikes.

5. Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer

Do you ever get backaches as a result of bending too much to pick the ball out of the hole? The Puttout Pressure Put Trainer solves this. This training kit has a unique parabolic ramp shape that allows practice for varying putt lengths and getting the ball back to its starting position. It also gives you feedback on whether your stroke would have sunk the putt.

Top 15 facts of Indy 500

When watching the Indy 500 live online, there are some facts about this race that it would be nice to know. There are a lot of fun facts about this race. These facts should help you in watching the race.

top indy 15

15 Fact of the Indianapolis 500

  1. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the biggest sporting facility in the world. It has over 250,000 seats.
  2. The Indianapolis 500 race is 200 laps and its is over a 2.5-mile circuit. It is known as one of the greatest spectacles in racing.
  3. The Indianapolis Speedway is the biggest sports arenas in the world. The speedway grounds are 253 acres and there is also a golf course.
  4. There is a tradition of drinking milk after winning the race that began with Louis Meyer.
  5. The Indy 500 began in 1911. It has been over 100 years since the race started.
  6. It is called the “brickyard” for a reason. Before it was covered in asphalt, it was covered by 3.2 million hand-laid bricks. They were one yard wide. There is one part of the bricks that still exists. Its at the start and finish line. Drivers will kiss that part usually after they win the race.
  7. Anywhere that you are seated, you cannot see the whole track at all.
  8. There is a wreath of flowers that is placed around the next of the Indy 500 winner. This tradition started in 1960 and continued ever since.
  9. There is a parade to celebrate the Indy 500. It goes for 2 miles. It’s the third largest parade in the U. S.
  10. The race is actually not in Indianapolis, but its in Speedway, Indiana.
  11. Firestone provides around 5,000 tires for this race every year.
  12. The trophy is worth $3.5 million.
  13. The race brings $431 million to the economy of Indianapolis.
  14. There are 33 cars in the starting field.
  15. The winner gets paid $2.49 million.