Who is broadcasting the PGA Championship?

Do you love golf sport what is your favorite golf tournament? Do you know about the PGA championship? For PGA championship lover, know that for this year it will take place between the 14th and 17th of May and it will be hosted at Harding Park, San Francisco for the first time.

Who is broadcasting the PGA Championship

Many fans will be on the lookout for this major golf tournament that usually features top golfers. For sure, it is a must-watch tournament for any golf fan. However, not all fans have an idea of how or where to watch the tournament. It is our expectation that is not among them. But if it is, then you have landed on the right material.

In this piece of information, you will learn who will be bringing this championship live to those who will choose to watch at home.

Ok, let us dive into it.

CBS sports

Among the guaranteed broadcasters, CBS sports has acquired the rights to bring this coming tournament to your TV. The channel is accessible on many satellite or cable TV platforms.

They are also available online. For instance, you can use the service of any online TV and pay for a package that has the CBS Sports channel. Some of reliable TV that comes with the channel in its packages include the DirecTV, Hulu, and Sling Tv. 

Also, there exist apps that can be downloaded from the play store and installed on your android phone.


Replacing the TNT, ESPN is another supplement channel in America that will also broadcast the US PGA championship. They have acquired more than 20 hours of air time and this will include the final two rounds of the championship.

Sky sports

If you are in the UK, Sky Sports will offer the PGA Championship live broadcast. It has acquired the rights and will bring the highlights, round-ups and the live coverage to you.

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