What is the best F1 app?

The F1 season is around the corner, and for motorsport fans and addicts, missing the action is not an option. For those who will not make it to the event, the best other option is to watch F1 live stream via the various platforms and apps that provide live streaming of the event.

What is the best F1 app?

There are various apps that offer live streaming of the event, and they will update you on the latest news on F1, and you have to choose the best app for you.

  • F1 TV

This is a great application to catch all the action of F1. This app allows you to view all the F1 Grand Prix at high quality as it contains internal servers that will allow you to view the race at a reliable signal. This app also allows you to make the customization on the quality of the image.

  • Formula 1

For all Fi fans, this is an application that you must have as it streams real-time data directly from F1 Management’s Technical Centre. Some of its features include live timing, where it will give you the driver name position, number, lap time, and much other necessary information that you may need.

  • ESPNF1

This app will bring you the F1 both in French and in English, and it also provides you with features, commentary, detailed information, and news during races. It has features such as a countdown clock, details of the circuit, and updates on the races.

  • Sky Sports

Sky Spot app will allow you to catch the live broadcast of F1 easily, and you will need to make daily payment to have access to the content. This is an app that is specialized and devoted completely to F1 car racing. This app has clear functionality and a nice interface that will let you enjoy the live stream to the fullest.

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