10 wild, outlandish predictions for professional golf

It is always interesting when you see wild predictions come true. Scratch that, the excitement that we derive when one of our wild guesses or predictions becomes a reality is unmatched. You tend to go wilder than even the prediction you made.

There is always the chance that people would enjoy a good laugh at your expense if the prediction goes horribly wrong. In fact, many people will be waiting for your predictions to fail and it is understandable.

Despite all of these, we are going ahead to make some of the most outlandish predictions you will ever come across in the world of golf.

1.Jordan Spieth will retire and focus on something else.

It has been four years since Jordan Spieth recorded the last of his three major victories (the 2017 Open Championship). We believe Spieth will drop the quest for the career grand slam and venture into something else.

2. Tiger Woods will win two of the majors

He won the Masters last year and we’re predicting he will go even one better this time around.

3. Rory Mcllroy will run for office in 2020

This is another golfer that will go down the retirement lane but this time, he will run for office.

4. Sergio Garcia will win the Ryder’s Cup.

We are almost sure of this.

5. Shane Lowry is going to beat Tommy Fleetwood to his second Open Championship by six strokes – again.

6. The Winner of the BMW Championship will also win The Northern Trust

7. Brooks Kopeka will stay number one throughout the year.

8. One golfer will be involved in a huge controversy and our money is on Justin Rose.

 9. An amateur player will finish top 3 in one of the majors

 10. The US Team will lose the Presidents Cup in 2020 – ending a run of 8 consecutive wins by the US Team.

You can watch Masters Online see which one of our predictions come true.

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