What is the cut at the BMW Championship

When you are about to watch BMW Championship online, you may be thinking about what the cut is at this event. We have some information about this, and the PGA tour rules.

The standard cut rule that is used in the PGA tournaments is this: the field is cut after 36 holes to the low 70 scores plus ties. However, the BMW championship only has 70 golfers in the tournament period.

BMW Championship the cut

PGA Tour events are 72-hole tournaments, with 18 played per day. If there is a delay because of bad weather, the 35-hole cut takes place following completion of the second round. Since the tournaments are scheduled to start on Thursdays, this means that the cut rule is enforced following the end of play on Friday at the PGA tour tournaments.

The first cut goes to the 70 golfers who have the lowest scores, plus any that are tied for 70th place. The third round only occurs in a few tournaments each year. There are a few exceptions on the tour to the cut rule.

This rule applies to the regular PGA tour tournaments. If the events are majors, they have their own cut rules. The BMW championship does not have any cut rules. They do not have any cuts actually. The BMW championship begins with 70 golfers and they all remain on the course the entire event.

The cut in the BMW championship is unnecessary. Therefore, no cuts are made.

The cut rule was changed in 2016 and has been in place since then. In 2008, there was a rule that was introduced, and it was called “rule 78.” Then was then changed in 2016, because some people were not pleased with it. It was changed a month after it was put into play. The PGA tour board voted to have it changed and the cut rule they have in place today is what exists today.

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