Top 5 best golf training aid for beginners

Learning golf can be quite a hard task. Knowing what club to use at which point in the course is more confusing than most people think. Walking down the golf aisle in the mall will have you making even the worst decisions when picking literature and manuals for golfing. To learn from the pros, you can watch US Open Golf live online and see how the pros do it. We recommend the following which will hold your hand through the process and teach you the best of everything.

Top 5 best golf training aid for beginners

1. SKLZ Gold Flex

This bestseller is basically a golfing club with a ball attached at its end. The club has a 2.5 pound attached to the end, which is about the weight of a golf ball and is used to learn how o swing, work out, practice and warm up before a golfing play.

2. SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer.

This is an exclusive club meant to help you perfect your swing and make your grip firmer. This club is only available for right-handed golfers and makes use of adjustable weight to give the feel of a whole range of golf clubs.

3. The Impact Bag by Dr. Gary Wiren

A major golfing problem has for years been a breakdown of the left wrist and a collapse of the leading arm at the point and moment impact. The impact bag seeks to solve this. Unlike other training aids we use to develop a stable wrist and a strong impact, the Impact Bag has been specifically designed for this. It also comes with a special slice cure supplement that is sure to cure your slice and help you develop consistent and powerful impacts.

4. The Acu-Strike Training Mat.

This mat is designed with a special fiber fabric that leaves a dark spot/mark where the ball and club intersect when the head of the club strikes the mat. It then shows your hits in relation to the placement of the ball and the golfer can then work around at correcting his strikes to ensure more accurate strikes.

5. Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer

Do you ever get backaches as a result of bending too much to pick the ball out of the hole? The Puttout Pressure Put Trainer solves this. This training kit has a unique parabolic ramp shape that allows practice for varying putt lengths and getting the ball back to its starting position. It also gives you feedback on whether your stroke would have sunk the putt.

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